The Use Of Search Engine Technology

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The use of search engine technology has been an invaluable tool for all users connecting to the internet. These systems are used by,business, education, government,healthcare, and military to name a few. Search engines house millions of web pages, documents , images and other materials collected from millions of websites. The information gather from these sites are held in massive databases where the information is aggregated and index. Search engine’s used special software called spiders to help construct a list of key words. The process of constructing the spider list is called web crawling. According to Franklin (2000) The spiders links to common websites, indexing the words on its page and following every link found within the site.
The information collected by these search engines are collected from customers’ providing details or indirectly as a result of customers’ behavior while on a website. Many search engines have advertisement’s that runs on the sides or in a browser above the search engine. The browser ads are geared to a person search activity.
The method search engine companies used to capture users’ data has drawn concern over individuals’ privacy and the sharing of users personal information. The benefit to consumers is not always convey leaving consumers in doubt. The internet is an electronic marketplace where users personal information is brought and sold to different companies without the consumer’s knowledge. This method of handling consumer personal data has caused debate. Privacy is the

This paper will focus on the top three search engine services, Google,Yahoo and Bing. I will give a brief summary on each company mission statement and each company’s privacy policy. Thirdly, I will give recommendation of each organization that they can used to increase availability.

Bing is a search engine product from Microsoft Corporation introduce in May 28, 2009 by CEO Steve Ballmer. However, it was reintroduced after some modification in June 1, 2009. Bing’s mission statement is “ Bing and Decide”. Before Bing Microsoft introduce MSN Search, Windows Live Search and Live Search.
Bing , introduce its self as a “decision engine”, in an effort to separate itself from the Google search engine. The interface makes it easy for users to search for information in steps as oppose to a dump of pages related to a word or a word in a phase. The interface also has media and local features such as the weather and news highlights. Bing also integrates with Hotmail, Facebook and Twitter. Bing also advertises business on their search engine and travel information such as flight, hotels and restaurants information.
In 2009 Microsoft and Yahoo join forces in a 10 year deal in which Bing technology would run Yahoo! search. The changeover was to be completed by 2012. The first five years Yahoo received 88% of its revenue, The second part of the deal...

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