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Some decades ago there was a Spanish conquistador man called Juan Ponce de Leon. He was an explorer and an adventurer. Juan Ponce de Leon was an arrogant self-centered man who only cared for his appearance. He was always spot on with what he wore, consisting of a long sleeve white collared shirt, armored chest-plate, and a feathered hat. Apart from being arrogant and self-centered he was a really intelligent man and a resourceful one too, I mean someone with half his intelligence would’ve never been able to do half the things this man was capable of doing in his life time.
His story started in the year 1493. Juan Ponce de Leon decided to sail with Christopher Columbus in his second voyage to the new world. They built a settlement on Hispaniola. After they moved to Santo Domingo. Many of the Europeans wanted to get rich fast and return to Spain, Ponce decided to settle in Santo Domingo. In the time he was in Santo Domingo Ponce decided to fool around with women, he took none of them serious. During that time of fooling around four children were born, three girls and one boy. His daughter’s names were Juana, María, Isabel, and his son was called Luis.
In 1509 Ponce de Leon sailed to San Juan Bautista too look for gold. Ponce de Leon took four small ships and three big ones; he took three hundred people with him on his voyage. It didn’t take them long to get to San Juan Bautista, but the ride sure wasn’t a smooth sail for Ponce and his men. A storm was passing by and everyone in the ships was scared. They started tugging, pulling and knotting the boats sails, they were all over the place running and trying their best to keep their ships afloat. The next morning the storm had already passed by; two small ships were missing, so that meant one hundred people less. Ponce de Leon realized they were already in San Juan Bautista so all of them decided to get out of the ships and explore the island. As soon as they all stepped foot in the island they were the cynosure of the Tainos. The Tainos were deeply mesmerized by the big ships and the different “kind” of people. Oddly enough the Tainos were calm and marvel by all that they were seeing. Ponce decided to take a positive approach to all of this and started engaging with his words. He said: “My dear people, me and my men have gotten here to help all of you.” “I can make you all the richest island out there if all of you let me help out.” The majority of the Tainos were convinced with what he says, but remember he was a self-centered man. After Ponce finished speaking all of the Tainos were cheering for him, but there was one woman, called Atabey, who did not believe a word he said. She could see right through his lies, she knew something about him seemed kind of odd; and she was right, Ponce de Leon only wanted to get the gold and disappear.
In Ponce de Leon’s stayed in San Juan Bautista, he gained a lot of fame by the Tainos, he was so popular that he became the first governor of San Juan Bautista....

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