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Searching For The Clownfish Essay

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Finding Nemo is the 2003 product creation of Disney and Pixar. Their long lasting relationship yielded Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, and Monsters Inc. Then, they made a long lasting movie, Finding Nemo. The movie won an Academy Award and moved into the hearts of many young children and adults. The director, Andrew Stanton, did a marvelous job with the execution of Nemo. The movie is chalk full of loving little fish that thrill all creatures from the land to every cubic inch of water in the sea.
Finding Nemo is about a young clownfish named Nemo, voiced by Alexander Gould, who is kidnapped by a dentist and has to stay alive and wait for his father, Marlin, voiced by Albert Brooks, to fearlessly travel the ocean and meet many creatures to help rescue his son. Marlin has a rough time searching for his son though. Marlins wife is killed in the beginning of the movie by a barracuda trying to save all of her eggs. All are killed except for Nemo, but he has a defect because of this, giving him a small fin. Marlins wife Coral is killed in the confrontation. He starts off by a hopeless chase of the boat that the scuba diver fled to after stealing young Nemo. He then bumps into a fun-loving, forgetful, little female fish named Dory, voiced by Ellen DeGeneres. Dory has a memory loss problem, and tells Marlin she saw the boat, but forgets about meeting Marlin. Dory then tags along with Marlin and helps search for Nemo.
The duo then find themselves fish head to fish head with a great white shark named Bruce, voiced by Barry Humphries. This loving brute of a shark has concocted a committee of three sharks that try to stop eating fish. They feel guilty for what they have been doing. Then a little blood is shed and Bruce tries to attack Dory and Marlin, but they escape after a minefield explodes.
The pair of fish then swim down into a trench to find the address that nemo is being held captive at. They find deep sea fish that try to kill them. In the end, they find the goggles with the address and keep swimming along.
While Marlin and Dory are searching for Nemo, Nemo is in a dentist office with other exotic fish. He is the tank baby, and everybody wants to meet him. The tanks fearless leader, Gill, is also a fish stolen from the ocean by the dentist. Gill has tried to escape the tank many times, but always has failed. He also has a plan for Nemo to execute. The dentist wants to give Nemo to his niece when she comes in for a check-up, and she is notorious for killing the fish she is given. Nemo attempts to complete the plan, and fails, but does it a second time, and succeeds which makes the tank very dirty. The fish will be placed in bags when the dentist cleans the tank.
While Nemo is doing this, Marlin and Dory still search for him. They go through a school of jellyfish, and meet many sea-turtles. The turtles tell Marlin where he needs to go. When Marlin is on his way there, he is swallowed by a whale, and Dory and he are stuck. They are blown out of...

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