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In Search Of The Good Family

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A family is a group of people who love, respect, and help one another no matter the circumstances. Family members are not confined to people you are related to or have married; they can include friends, acquaintances, etc. In this second paragraph on page 283, Howard states, “If our relatives are not, do not wish to be, or for whatever reason cannot be our friends, then by some complex alchemy we must try to transform our friends into our relatives.” This shows that blood relatives should come first in the matter or family, but there are circumstances in which this is untrue. For example, there are several family members that my immediate family, consisting of my mother, father, and myself, no longer associate with, nor do we plan to. My aunt (my mother’s sister) recently started heavily drinking alcohol again. This causes her to become volatile and vicious, and consequently takes it out on everyone who tries to assist her. She began to yell at my mother for no reason and called her a plethora of rude names accompanied by several cuss words. I found out about this rampage on my own and wanted to make her realize what she was doing was wrong, so I told her that she had no right to call my mom any of these names. We got into a bit of an argument, and she took it all out on my mother yet again. My uncle heard of this news and took my aunt’s side, fully understanding the entire story. Needless to say, we refrain from speaking to them for fear of them causing more drama. As Howard suggested, we have made friends with our neighbors and have adapted them into fitting in with our definition of family. We love them, we respect them, and we help them on a daily basis.

Core Question: What effect is Howard trying to achieve with a metaphor when she states, “The trouble with the clans and tribes many of us were born into is not that they
consist of meddlesome ogres but that they are too far away,” in the second
paragraph on page 283?

In that line, Howard is stating that the audience, people who tend to isolate themselves from people, tend to think of their family as annoying and interfering. However, she believes that this is not the true problem; in reality, distance and the fact that family is not involved enough within life is the true problem. This line connects directly to the audience. Because of their lonely tendencies, they often feel as if relatives try too hard to meddle within their lives. They believe this lie because of their personalities; people who are not generally lonely tend to miss their family’s attention and love. This line connects to the audience by making them feel guilty. It leads them to the conclusion that they have, in turn, been calling their own families a sort of “ogre”. Ogres have strongly negative connotations behind them. One might think of a sort of character like Shrek who lives in the swamp for the majority of his life. Others may imagine a large, smelly, rude figure who is...

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