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Looking Glass Self Theory Essay

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With relation to the question, one topic of study that might interest both sociologist and psychologist is how some students feel that they are entitled to go into a school because they come from a certain background and school. (See, 2013).
A psychologist is a person who studies personality, which comprises consistent and distinct behavioural traits, which are expressed externally, and emotional traits, which are possessed internally. Psychologists also attempt to understand socialization, a process that teaches individuals how to be accepted into a society by incorporating rules, values or norms for better adaptation. A sociologist however, would be primarily interested in social stratification & how the society is divided into class, status and power which are distributed to different groups in the society.
When students feel that they are entitled to go a school because of their background being better than others, it can be explained by the Looking Glass Self Theory. It explains you’re your self-image is determined by how others see you (Gould & Howson, 2014).They feel confident when others look up to you. According to socialization, they must meet the requirement of the group of people of certain background to fit in, causing closed circles. They might feel it is the norm of that group to get the certain school because everyone of that group is getting it, affecting their self-esteem (emotional trait) if they don’t.
A sociologist will also find this topic interesting because of how the individual believes he is of a higher status than others. Status is defined as a prestige a person or group feels that could be formed through education, money, background, popularity etc. When someone who feels that their better background has developed for them a better education at a top school, and a better ability to pay off school fees easier than someone else, they feel they have a higher class (economic position in society) and higher status than someone else who can’t. They will have to match the school to their status because their group primarily goes there.
A topic of study that might interest an economist and a political scientist according to the article assigned, is regarding the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) goal to attain 40% of each batch to attain a university education by the year 2020 in Singapore.
Economists study the systems of distribution and goods and services consumption needed to survive according to society. They also study the occupational status of individuals, the rates in living standards and the consequences of expectation rises, when they try to theorize distribution. Economists also seek to identify people’s behaviour in markets and how the markets tend to function. A political scientist, however, concentrates his interest in law and governance. They study about power and uncover behavioural patterns in different countries. They also study how individuals or groups spread their ideology by convincing others to...

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