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Looking Into Country Music. Essay

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Looking into Country MusicAlthough there are many modes of appeal in every type of music, some would say that you are able to more easily detect ethos, pathos, and logos in country music. There are songs that provoke emotion from the listener, as well as songs whose success is based on the credibility of the singer. There are even songs whose lyrics are based on logic and factual information. Depending on the artist, you are able to find at least one and sometimes all, of the modes of appeal in country music.With the tragic events of September 11, 2001, many country singers have decided to come out with songs regarding this historic event. Alan Jackson, a famous country singer, recently released a song that describes what you might have been feeling when the bombing took place. His song brings out emotions that a person may have been feeling, at that particular time. Even if you weren't feeling anything (highly unlikely) he describes in his song, as a person, you are able to relate to the emotions that come through in his music. His song makes you remember all of the different emotions you were feeling that day as the events unfolded. Jackson's songs, along with many others have been released since September in relation to the bombing, are an example of pathos. The lyrics of those songs make you think and even re-live situations that bring forth certain emotions. It could be a love song that reminds you of a past romance. It could even be a song about homeless people or helping others, and that could start you thinking about how you would be able to help others and what you are attempting to do about all the suffering in the world. Songs are not the only way famous persons are trying to spread the patriotism from September 11, 2001. Many movies and documentaries have come out regarding the families of the victims of the tragedy. An overwhelming amount of patriotism has swept over the nation, Americans are bearing the American Flag any opportunity they have. The country seems to be growing as a community as well as a nation. All this alone has a very emotional impact on everyone, another example of pathos.There are many examples of pathos in country music, more so than ethos or logos. Yet that does not mean they cannot be found. Ethos focuses on the credibility of a speaker or a writer even a musical artist. A good example of ethos would be country music singer Garth Brooks. Brooks has had multiple number one hits, not to mention the fact that he has sold millions of albums. He is well known and admired in the County Music business, however it doesn't stop there, even people who do not listen to country music know of Garth Brooks. One would say that if you asked someone what came to their mind when you mention "country music" immediately you think Garth Brooks. In a sense Garth Brooks is country music. Songs that are written or recorded and performed by Garth Brooks are taken seriously and are expected to be good. Major fans will purchase a CD...

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