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Hunting Rifle Ammunition Based On Game Size

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Every type of hunting ammunition is designed for different sizes of game. In fact there are several different types to choose from, but which one is the right choice? For instance there are many different ways to decide what ammo to use. Specifically the best way to decide is to choose by the size of the animal that is to be hunted. For instance there are three different size groups that all hunters can use to help them choose the best ammunition for their hunt.
First of all we have the class known as small game. In example, small game includes animals such as squirrels, rabbits, birds, snakes, varmints, coyotes, ETC... While any rifle will work for taking out small game, some larger caliber rounds provide unnecessary overkill. With that said, the ammunition most likely to be used on small game would be either a .22 caliber, or a .17 caliber, maybe even larger depending on the size of the animal. Also these bullets will usually weigh around 150 grains. On that note, most targets will prove to be too difficult or dangerous to approach at close range, so small game rifles are designed for accuracy at a distance. This ammo is the most likely choice because the skin on a small game animal is not as thick as the skin would be on a mid or large sized animal.
Secondly we have the mid-sized game. Which is bigger than most varmints, but still smaller than most deer; this is what makes antelope, mountain goats and sheep a unique challenge compared to hunting a deer or a similar large animal. ...

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