Sears: Business Research Problem Analysis Part 2 To Survey

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In the Sears organization the staff is the most important and valuable asset within an organization, hence, developing the potential and skills of an individual staff can assist in achieving the aims and objectives of the organization and maintain its marketing position in the rapid changing and competitive business area. Sears raises the issue of retaining good performers, human resource planning, along with issues of recruitment and motivating employees as a valued asset to the company.When operating a business, owners need to be aware of how this might help their organization. Management feels as though motivation is the key to solving all of their problems. However, they can't figure why the team is unmotivated. The company pays well, offers excellent benefits and the workforce seems to be happy. The first step to motivating the workforce is to identify the true source of their discontentment.One reason for the lack of production on the work floor is that management has raised the expected output level without giving the employees the needed resources to reach the new goals. The company has a policy of giving bonuses based on meeting or exceeding expected output levels. So, therefore the workers feel that they will get their bonuses this year.A source from within operations has informed management that the workforce is also afraid that because the company is merged with Kmart and changes are in the works that their jobs could be in jeopardy. The workers have been paying attention to the current corporate campaign and know that companies this as a way to cut and increase the profit margins. They are afraid that even though the company has taken care of them up until this point, they still feel uneasy about the many changes to come.The reason for the team being unmotivated is the money. For years many employees have been working on a large commission and a small salary. The advent of the online division of the company, has brought fewer customers into the store. And there commission could come to an abrupt end. The company would no longer need the current style of the sales force at the store level at least that seems to be the fear.The administration staff is unmotivated because, they too are uncertain about their job status. They know that the company is changing and corporate is unstable for the moment. At the administration level the company changes, along with the people. Employees are always gossiping, complaining, and spending half of their day looking for new jobs instead of working.One theme that contributes to all three parts of the business being unmotivated is the fear of the unknown. This fear is based on the fact that they do not know their worth to the company. They fear that the company does not put enough value in them in order to keep them. It is now up to the company to ensure them that they are valued and is part of the future plans of the company.All is not lost! It is often true that we can make our most effective...

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