Season Of Migration To The North By Tayeb Salih

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Cultural Feminism vs. Post Colonized Feminism
Being a Feminist and having a Feminist point of view in observing every cultural, social and historical issue had been translated as having a feminine centered and anti-masculine perception. Unlike the general and common knowledge about feminism, it is not only an anti-masculine perception towards social and individual issues. Feminism according to Oxford dictionary is the theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes that more commonly known as the pursuit of equality for women’s rights. On the other hand, in studying literary books as it will be in this paper, the mentioned definition is not applicable. Therefore, in this paper Feminist criticism will be used in order to study some characters’ lives in “Like water for chocolate” and “Season of Migration to the north” novels. Feminist criticism according to Oxford dictionary is a type of literary theory that points out different genders, races, classes, religions that are depictured in literature and will be used in this paper.
Furthermore, colonization also has different social and cultural effects on colonized societies.
In this paper feminist aspect of post colonization will be studied in “Season of Migration to the North” novel by Tayeb Salih. Postcolonial feminism can be defined as seeks to compute for the way that racism and the long-lasting economic, cultural, and political influences of colonialism affect non-white, non-Western women in the postcolonial world, according to Oxford dictionary. As it mentioned earlier about the application of Feminism theory in literature, the provided definition of postcolonial feminism also is not applicable in literature analysis. Therefore, Oxford defines another applicable theory which will be used in this paper. The post-colonialism critism intends to restitute the literatures and experiences of former colonies to their cultural context which involves reassessing them by separating the literature from the assumption of the previously prevailing imperial European.
To sum up, in this paper attempts to compare and contrast the way that writers of following novels perceived feminism in their stories. Tayeb Salih’s approach in “Season of migration to the North” is different than Laura Esquivel’s approach in “Like water for Chocolate”. Hence, cultural and traditional feminist aspect of “Like water for Chocolate”by Laura Esquivel can be compared to the post colonized and cultural feminist aspect of “Season of Migration to The North” by Tayeb Salih.
Tradition and culture have different influences on people lives and specially women. From the feminist perspective “Like water for Chocolate” by Laura Esquivel is a good portray of traditional and cultural effects on women lives in tradition and culture centered societies. In fact, Esquivel “feminizes” her novel by presenting a community of women who are sustained through daily activities specially preparation of food that overcomes traditional...

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