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Seasonal Allergies Essay

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Allergies occurring during a certain time of the year are known as seasonal allergy. The main cause of these allergies is pollen, which is due to response of the reproduction of trees, flowers, grasses and weeds. The two most frequent seasons that are responsible for allergies is spring and winter or which commonly known as fall. These are the seasons when the highest pollination takes place.

The NIAD (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) recorded that about 35 million people are infected from seasonal allergy also called allergic rhinitis. The seasonal allergy home remedy is one of the most inexpensive methods to treat the allergies and also it prevents you from using drugs which can be in some cases harmful otherwise.

Spring is the season when most of the people complain about allergies. The National Center for Health Statistics recorded that about 16.9 million people in America had allergies in 2007, and about 12.2 million visited the doctor’s office for allergies in 2006. Spring allergy is due to pollination which occurs anytime between January to April. It depends on the location and climate of the place. Trees that cause pollination and are responsible for allergies are olive, oak, elm, hickory, sycamore, maple, walnut, birch, ash and cypress.

Summer allergies may be due to grass pollens which are highest in this season. Itching and sometimes hives may result when in contact with grass. There is a misconception that people do not get allergies during winters. But it is seen that some part of the world experience the worst allergy season in this time of the year. During winter time, a type of tree called Mountain cedar pollinates. It is the major cause of hay fever. There are other non pollen sources which may cause allergy like the cold windy weather. Ragweed allergy is common during this time.

Most of these allergies can be prevented or cured by following some simple seasonal allergy home remedy methods.

Some of the common allergies symptoms are given below
 Running noses
 Sneezing
 Coughing
 Congestion
 Rashes
 Watery eyes
 Itchy
 Difficulty in breathing
 Sinus pain
 Headache
 Tired or irritable

Seasonal allergy home remedy can help you in a great way to treat this allergy and relieve you to a great extend. Rather than going to the chemist and getting medicine you can try out some home remedies.

Treating sinus
 The first thing you can do which is inexpensive is...

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