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Seat Belt Law Should Be Removed

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IIn 1978, a seatbelt law began in Tennessee for infants and young children. By the middle of 1985, all 50 states and the District of Columbia had enacted any child restraint using seat belts, and then New York extended this law for other ages. The law starts requiring all front seats to use safety belts on December 1987 (Williams & Lund, p. 1438). According to 625 ILC 5/12-603.1, driver and passengers are required to use safety belt (Public). The penalty from this law, depending on the states such as New York’s fine is 50 USD and 25 USD for Illinois states. Does the safety belt help save people’s life? Absolutely, using the safety belt is an option to save a driver and passengers life from any accidents but should it be a law? Should people obligate to pay fines if they don’t want to use a safety belt? According to Human rights, people should hold their freedom to choose, if they want to use the safety belt or not on liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Furthermore, police officers can save their time to do other duties instead of enforcing the seat belt law.
Human rights are equal rights of human that held by all people (Rodger). The human rights include liberty, the pursuit of happiness, right to own property, and right to life (Friedman). According to seat belt law, this law infringes the human rights by force the people to use seatbelts. If people ignored, it cause of penalty. The normally, people should retain their freedom to decide their own safety and do with their happiness without harm or infringe on each other. Right to own property, the people should have right to use their own properties in any way that they would like and fit for them, also without harm to each other or infringe in rights. For example, when a person bought the car, that car is the own property, including the seat belt, so the people ought to have the freedom to dispose their own property. Right to life is to refrain from taking life and to protect life. Nowadays, a law requires the air bags with all cars in the United States of America those are effective to save people life from car accidents to benefits of normally seat restrained occupants with full protection of unbelted adults in accidents. Moreover the air bag’s technology; including child seat sensor, seat position sensors, weight pattern recognition sensors, capacitance sensors, and crash sensors (Hinch, et al.). As a result of advances air bag’s technology, air bags provide enough performance to save drivers and passenger’s life in safety extent from accidents.
Waste of resources, it is include wasting of income taxes and human resources. Why is income tax wasting? The first question is “How is the government spending people’s income taxes?” According to the circle chart from NBC NEWS, the government spends 22% of taxes on budget of health care and 20% of income taxes on social security et cetera (Schoen). From the chart, some of the income taxes pay for the officer’s salary and the government spends some...

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