Seat Belts Can Save Lives Essay

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When it comes to school transportation the community believes that is the safest way for their children to get to school, but what everyone does not realize is that lately there have been many school bus crashes where several students have been severely injured and even some have lost their lives because almost all school buses do not have seat belts. The question is how well equipped is the bus and is it safe enough for children to ride? And how do we solve this problem to cut deaths, avoid children getting severely injured, and to protect the community. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, about an average of seven students is killed in school bus crashes each year and thousands students suffer from severe injuries such as: head, shoulders, broken bones, and scratches. This is the reason seat belts should be mandatory even if they will need high maintenance. For instance, when a school bus accident happens and it rolls over, if the children do not have seat belts the chances of children suffering from severe injuries and the chances of deaths should likely to continue to increase because if the children wore seat belts it should lower the injuries and child deaths since the most of the school bus crashes occur where the school bus flips, especially with bad weather.
The community should be concerned about their children’s safety as well as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations because lately it seems that school bus accidents are increasing and it is impossible to avoid those accidents or even to predict those crashes. The NHTSA went on to say that “approximately 24 children are killed in school bus accidents in an average year”( Shinkle, D., & Teigen, A.) shows that is still a high number of deaths and the injuries that occurred are not even mentioned at all and this shows that seat belts should be installed in school buses.

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