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Seatbelts It Your Choice Essay

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Should a person wear a seatbelt while driving an automobile? This has been as debate, since the first seatbelt, was introduced in a car. Many say yes, and others say no. We have always heard, seatbelts save lives, but do they really? The author of this paper says they don=t. Studies show, that wearing a seatbelt in a crash, can cause fatality more often than not. Everybody is so worried about being safe that they fail to see, how much damage seatbelts can do.As the author stated before, people fail to see just how much damage wearing a seatbelt can do. There is a syndrome called Aseatbelt syndrome.@ This is when the seat belt causes injury to the soft tissue. If there is enough force, pushing the rider into the seatbelt, it can bite into the soft tissue, severing breasts, damaging the bowels, and even cause spontaneous abortions. In some cases the injury was even more severe, a 10-year-old boy is now a quadriplegic because the force at which he was pushed into the seatbelt, caused the seatbelt to snap his spine like a twig. Children are particularly at risk. In a 1992 study of only 10 cases four distinct patterns of injury occurred. Paraplegia, which was thought to be uncommon, occurred in three of the ten cases. Four children had intra-abdominal injuries requiring laparotomy, and all had contusion of the abdominal wall, Athe seatbelt sign.@The cause of Athe seatbelt sign@ is the force at which, the rider is stopped by the seatbelt. For a 160lb person and with a stopping distance of one foot, the force applied is about 4800 lbs. or 2.4 tons, and the deceleration is about thirty g=s. The forces applied to a 160 lb. person are 2.4 tons, imagine what a person just 50 lbs. heavier would feel. The Aseatbelt sign@ is a leading cause of injury from wearing a seatbelt, but yet still some say that is a small price to pay for life.Another con of wearing a seatbelt, what if...

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1220 words - 5 pages yourself, do it for your family.References2001. Seatbelts Save Lives., Retrieved 3 Oct 2006, from, T., Henkle, G., & Seatbelts: Current Issues. Prevention Institute, Retrieved 6 Oct 06, from traffic_seatbelt.html.2005. N.H. Police Switch, Now Back Mandatory Seat Belts Seatbelts. Insurance Journal, Retrieved 7 Oct 2006, from 2005/01/13/49655.htm2005. Facts About Youth and Children. NHTSA, Retrieved 5 Oct 06, from children_youth.htm

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1501 words - 6 pages its working. If it stays on then that means there is a problem with your airbags or seatbelt. If the SRS light stays on then your airbags will not deploy and your seatbelts will not tighten during an accident because the system is disabled. Supplemental restraint systems consist on airbags, seatbelts, and seats. During an accident the SRS will deploy the airbags and tighten the seatbelts within a fraction of a second. Newer more advanced SRS

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