Secession: Is It The Answer? Essay

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I want to secede. Specifically, I want to secede from all of civilization, and more specifically, from the industrialized world. I want to create upon an unutilized portion of earth to create a safe place to live and grow. I want the freedom to create personal standards of living, to engage in a collective process, to create and use a physical space that is autonomous, and to create a new self-sustaining trade system. I want a community free from violence, laws, sanctions, oppression, imaginary and political borders, and the global market. It would be preferable to achieve this without threat of violence or use of violence, without exchange of money, and without written documents.
Attempting to secede from the US, or any other part of the world, and even from the world as a political whole, would be a great undertaking that would likely be marred with extreme violence. The U.S Constitution, with the Supreme Court's interpretation in 18, does not allow for states, or private citizens to secede from the country. The right and necessity to secede and separate needs to be recognized and acted upon. To do this, ignoring the imminent gunfire, would take an army of legal scholars. Two prominent memories in US history are the secession of the South and the wanted secession of Texas. Neither of these have come to fruition, though there are hundreds of nationalist/separatist/secessionist groups continuing to fight (
There are roughly 195 countries on Earth currently. Each one of these is recognized in a geographical-political way. Only 192 are recognized by the United Nations and just 2 more than that are recognized by the US. Many of the 195 are actually under control of other countries (Rosenburg, 2011). Since I was a young child I have been confused about lines in the sand or political borders. As obscure an idea it was to a five year-old, it still holds true. Generally using physical boundaries such as mountains or bodies of waters, there are solid and dotted lines on the map denoting which piece of Earth belongs to different governments. These lines are almost always ignoring the indigenous peoples who ancestrally have occupied that area for a millennium and generally ignoring the current inhabitants in favor of the governments' say so. Placing ideological political borders and (usually) black lines on a map does not actually mean that there is any such border in existence. There is because people act as if. (Wouldn't it be a liberating experience to be a part of 6 billion people moving across political borders all at once?) Radically speaking, I do call for an immediate mass rotating migration of all populations. What would the authorities do? What could they do? I want freedom from abstract nonexistent borders. I do not want to create them by creating the unstate, the border will only be the community itself.

The first purpose and priority would be to free ourselves from violence. Violence is more than...

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