"Secluded Sand" . Essay

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"Secluded Sand"

It was a warm summer day. The beach was terrific! Quiet and secluded, not a living soul in sight. Tommy looked around, smiling. Exactly what he needed! Quiet place to get some rest. Most men could only envy the way he influenced women, but he thought it was rather boring. Really awful to have all these crowds of empty-headed beauties, barely dressed mostly, hanging around you, making it impossible for you to go anywhere alone. He wished there were something, anything reasonable to talk about with them, anything that made any sense, but... Of course he had also seen some wonderful girls, but these were the exceptions from the rule. And, when he came across somebody he thought acceptable to have a lasting relation with, it always turned out they had a boyfriend or a husband. Well, he had slept with almost all the girls in town, but... He, too, wished he could find a woman to live with for a time, or even one he could marry - although the idea did not appeal to him that much. All he wanted was a girl who understood him. He was sick of all these looks which seemed to be saying: "What's he like in bed? He has slept with all the girls around. Why not me? And everybody says he's terrific." And the nonsensical: "Well, that's what I thought, too," coupled with an inviting smile. He did not fall for women who would offer themselves. He would rather win them with some effort. He wanted to appeal to them with something different than this Casanova stuff. Worst of all, he had no way whatsoever to get rid of the girls who hung around him all the time. Everywhere. A girl once even got into his hotel room to set a surprise for him in sexy underwear. Well, he could not deny he liked it.

He knew why they liked him so much. His long golden hair was something any girl dreamed of, his eyes, greenish-blue, also seemed to influence them and, in addition, there was his great body - sun-tanned and weathered because he surfed almost all the time. He adored that sport! And it was welcome for his admirers. When he was riding on the board all the girls on the beach stared at him as if nothing else existed around. Many times they told him how they loved to watch him riding the waves, how masculine he was, how, his muscles tensed, he looked like a panther ready to jump while waiting to catch a wave and keep going for as long as he could. Well, they compared him to many things but he liked most the panther simile. Indeed, the feeling one got when on the board, the sense of the wave power underneath was something that defied description. One had to experience it, live through it! He had no idea what he looked like to the onlookers, but there, on the water, he felt like a god, totally in control....

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