Second Chance … Or First Choice

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_something remained after the Open day 2013_
2 weeks to go …
In a cold October day, I got a phone call from a friend offering a position preparing for the annual IBD Open day. She wanted me to be on her team taking in charge of the trial classes, targeting to high school students coming on that day. At that time, all of IBD students were in an extreme assignment rush as the first semester was about to end, and I was not an exception. Despite my worries, I told my friend that I would love to join because I know that it’s going to be an awesome experience, and I’m glad that it really was.
10 days to go …
The whole trial class team consists of 12 IBD-ers, led by three cute supervisors: Nhi, Truong with the nickname of “Thun”, and Linh (Mit). After a few discussions, and arguments as well, we agreed to carry out four trial classes for four subjects: English, Marketing, Financial Institutions & Markets and Business Environment. My three-member-group was responsible for a session focused on sharing our personal experiences in learning English, especially our improvements in English for the past few years studying in IBD program. We came up with tons of ideas, tried to design impressively cute templates of the slideshow; but guess what, we were really confused about what we should “teach”. Anyway, we tried our best to prepare for the demo class attended by our own teachers in the following week and hoped that it would be fluent.
4 days to go …
This was the day of the demo classes. We were a bit worried since we did not have much time practicing with each other but struggling with tons of assignments and exams, and our biggest fear turned out to be real. Mrs. Chi, Mrs. Lan and Ms. Ngoc were our guests that day and they all think that we were kind of lost and did not make use of our creativity that our class would be very boring. They gave us a lot of useful advices as in one day, we changed our original plan into a completely different script for the class and believed that it would be much more fun, for both of us and our students.

1 day to go …
The final preparation day, OMG! Walking through the room for all the Open-day makers, I was overwhelmed by a vibrant atmosphere as everyone, every team were laughing like crazy, taking photos, making fun of each other, running around helping their team mates, reminding every detail for the next day. Quynh Anh, Dai and me, with the infinite support of the three cute leaders were about to finish all the last jobs, from enhancing slides design, reviewing all the back-up plans to printing and cutting out stickers, notes, word lists for games; buying small gifts and stuffs for decorating the class. This is exactly what I expected, working with enthusiasm and dynamic friends, who always bring their best to the work until the very last minute. We were so excited about the big day coming, and I knew that it’s going to be very special.
The Open day
Our class was planned to take place at 9.30 a.m. so we...


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