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Today my search for controversy has lead me to a man named Sergio Garcia from Chico California. Sergio is the first illegal alien to receive permission to practice law by the Supreme Court of California. This decision allowed a person to legally be a lawyer, but at the same time be prohibited from being a juror. Sergio is not a legal citizen of the United States, but has lived in California since his high school years. Federal Immigration Law bars any illegal immigrants from pertaining such a professional license, but that all changed when the California Supreme Court ruled to allow Sergio to have a license. The case made it specific to the state, and thus recognized by the Federal Government. So the question is, should people that are here illegally be able to receive a license to practice law, or should only citizens have the right.
America has been hit hard over the years with the out-sourcing of jobs and high unemployment rates. America is in a recession and Americans needs jobs, so its easy to take a strong position on giving immigrants the right to work in a strained job market that gives corporations a huge advantage over people that are in desperate need of employment. Wages have fallen and benefits are no longer being offered to employees. I know, because I have struggled with these very same things all to often; so, when I saw that Governor Jerry Brown had supported the legislation that helped Sergio, I couldn’t help to think about California’s Hispanic vote. I guess its either politics or compassion, if you know what a bureaucrat is maybe you can see the hypocrisy in it all. If Sergio became a citizen were would the controversy be.
American Citizen is a title that is sought after by millions of illegal’s living in the U.S. today. Citizen is a term that is defined by two distinct definitions; natural born free white De Jure Citizen with inalienable rights also known as a original Citizen, and a 14th amendment federal De Facto citizen also a natural born or naturalized who is classified as a second class citizen, a juristic person, or alieni juris. These differences can be argued and have been, such as most things that pertain to law. Translating these Latin terms you will find that federal citizens are natural born and naturalized, most with out the realization that they have only been granted the privileges and benefits provided by a government to its subjects. The main difference is that...

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