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Time repeating itself? Many people deem that impossible in today’s world. Yet, everyone experiences strange sensations of having done something particular once before. A couple seconds of indescribable mystery travels down spines and releases a shiver full of possibilities. Psychologists struggle to uncover this abnormal phenomenon that puzzles many minds. Deja vu certainly has many hypothesis’ on why it occurs. Erasing time, reliving dreams, and remembering past lives all hold the key to deja vu’s riddle.
“The timeline could be fluctuating to such an extent that future events can happen before the present, and past events can happen in the future. Therefore something we do in the future might have happened in the past and it has somehow caused a time loop in which we are trapped” (Tremblay). Einstein’s theory of relativity could possibly answer why people get the impression of having done something before. Time runs differently each second everyday based on Earth’s acceleration and gravity, thus creating a nonlinear timeline (Tremblay). The sense of deja vu could be time repeating itself to try and fix the loop in time. Future events can occur before time has even happened which brings about the perception of repeating history. Contai believes that people are considered trapped in a time loop until they make the right choice. This projects an infinite number of time loops that people have to live through until they do the ‘right’ thing (Contai). Time’s limitless cycles and oscillating structure could make a person go through endless loops until he finally breaks free.
Dreams also appear as a key role to connect to the future. “Often people who experience Deja Vu link the origin of the familiar memory to something they have dreamed days, weeks, months, and even years before they experience Deja Vu” (Wilson). Researchers connect precognitive dreams with the aspect of retrocausality. This theory suggests a predetermined future. A person’s conscience will recognize future events that will happen and relive those memories in dreams (Wilson). A person could also have access to the past and the future when he dreams. People could use these dreams to help guide themselves on the right path (Sayce). This...

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