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Book Review On The Prejudice In Irseal

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To preface this review I want to begin by saying how much I enjoyed this book. I was skeptical about it because I had never heard of it before and because it was assigned in a class. However, I was pleasantly surprised how intrigued I became and how invested I was in the story. I know very little about the prejudices in Isreal amongst the Arabs and the struggles they meet.
The book contains two stories, which at first seem unrelated, but eventually run into one another. The first story presented is about a lawyer, whose name we never learn and is always referred to as “the lawyer.” I was curious throughout the book why that was, potentially it was an attempted to shadow identity or make the character more relatable. The lawyers story is written in third person, where the second story is written as a first person narrative. Amir is a young caretaker who is responsible for a young comatose Jewish man.
As you continue to read through the story, we learn how similar the two characters backgrounds are. Both were Arab’s who left home to pursue an education in Isreal, also hoping to escape both their villages and the prejudices of their heritage. However, a parallel is drawn through the differences of their motivations. The lawyer is very successful, but only because he longs for acceptances from the Jewish people and the upper class Arabs. He focuses a lot of his attention on his image, but physical and social. Amir, however, is motivated by fear of being forced to return home to his village a face the ghosts and ridicule of his mothers colorful past. Amir never seems to strive to be successful, only doing enough to get by to stay.
Although the plot line in extremely engaging and entertaining, it is only a mechanism to allow the author to bring to light the purpose behind the novel. He sets...

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