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Collecting data for the purpose of research is not an easy task. Equally, the labor of collecting data for academic studies is time consuming, challenging and it may also be costly. Ultimately, the major components of a research project must include validity, reliability and generalizability.

According to Bachman and Schutt (2012), “the goal of research is to utilize measures that will provide valid knowledge.” In other words, a research project or study must have logical, meaningful, reasonable and truthful results that demonstrate the validity of a specific subject or topic. For instance, a valid end result should demonstrate that something or someone causes something to occur. ...view middle of the document...

” In other words, generalizability means that the results and/or findings of a study can be applied to other environments, places or surroundings.

Accordingly, validity, reliability and generalizability are important to the research process because it will produce valid and truthful results. In addition, these three components will also provide evidence that the measures and tools used to collect data were adequate for the study. It is of high importance that a research project is of good quality in order to be respected as a reliable and meaningful academic work.

Secondary analysis is research conducted by using data, material and findings originally produced by primary researcher. Individuals who further wish to analyze and study data already collected may find such material in libraries, online journal databases and archival documents and records which may serve as a convenient advantage for the individual conducting new research. Given these points, secondary data are the information found by a new user who reviews data that has already been gathered. According to Bachman and Schutt (2012), “ surveys, official statistics, records and other historical documents are examples of the major types of secondary data” (pg. 233).

A key point in conducting research by the use of secondary data is that saves the new user time and money. Why? Research is a challenging task. It involves several different measures, studies and interviews if they were necessary for the original research project. So, the task may be easier by using already available data to further analyze and investigate a study. ...

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