Secondary Education Gone Wrong Essay

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In "Who's Ready for College?" John Cloud presents his opinions on remedial classes in post-secondary education. He states that out of the 600,000 students that enrolled in college last year, twenty-nine percent needed at least one remedial class in reading, writing, or arithmetic. Taxpayers feel that these skills should have been mastered by the twelfth grade, seeing as how they pay over one billion dollars for the classes each year. The writer points out that at least eight states legislators have pushed the remedial classes out of four-year state universities and into two-year community colleges. The columnist points out that only twenty-five percent of students graduate from two-year colleges, whereas forty-two percent graduated from Middle Tennessee State University last year. The author suggests that students should not pay for remedial classes, and he relates it to being punished for being poorly educated. Another side to the argument is that a high percentage of the remedial students are black or Hispanic, and the required levels of minority enrollment are not met when these classes are cut out. The journalist illustrates that some remedial students are not trying hard enough and/or lack the intelligence to handle college level courses. He states that the idea of remedial courses sends the students a message that getting into college is not a big deal. The writer suggests that ejecting post-secondary students from remedial courses, and thus negating their existence in colleges could end the fight for post-secondary education started in the 1960's with the introduction of the G.I. Bill. The author summarizes by recommending that Tennessee spend some of the money they are planning to save, by cutting out state funding for remedial courses, on reaching out to high schools to show and explain what is needed for college (60,63). Most people would agree that there are three major reasons why students need remedial classes upon attending a post-secondary school.One reason for students needing to play "catch-up" from high school studies is a lack of motivation. High school students have poor study habits due to social activities. This is a problem because socializing is a very important key to growing up. Students stay up late talking on the phone, and then they sleep all day during class. This leaves no time for studying or learning. Students have a high lack of interest by not having the time or motivation to be involved. Many pupils will fail by choice because they do not realize the consequences of being lazy now. This leads to a low maturity level. In an old saying by John Heywood, "A man maie well bring a horse to the water. But he cannot make him drinke without he will." Students also want to fit in. Peer pressure then kicks in to gear. If popular Johnny is not going to study for this, then no one wants to either.Another reason students need to take corrective classes is due to government funding. Critics argue that government funding...

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