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It was just for a second that we exchanged eyes. He stared at me and I stared at him. Then suddenly a chill went into our spines; we both put our eyes down acting like we had seen each other for the very first time, while we were roommates, well at least for ten days. I couldn’t blame him for that and neither could he blame me. Situations were same for all of us-more than fifty people-living together there and sharing the same schedule.
Five of us shared the same room; we went to bed at the same time and woke up together at the sound of a common alarm. “Same room” and yet we were so distant. Nobody ever uttered a word. There was not a single person who had the time or the permission to hurt the equanimity of others by pursuing any form of communications, even gestures or sign languages. Trying hard not to commit the mistake of disturbing the composure of others and in turn harm our own calmness, every one of us always kept our head down facing the ground. It was like all of us were searching something invaluable on the ground below us, “Ourselves”.
I was seventeen when I decided to spend those valuable ten days of my life for Vipashana Meditation. Since explaining the vast characteristics and significance of this priceless non-sectarian meditation technique in few words is next to impossible, I want to cut short and state what this technique means for me. For me, Vipashana is a way to practice being disciplined; a path toward maintaining calmness in life situations, neither showing craving nor hatred towards those instances.
I was and still am always fascinated by the proponents of high moral principles; people who spent their life for the well being of others and expected nothing in return. But I knew that merely desiring to be like them was not enough when I was craving for good sensations and...

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1749 words - 7 pages their success, as well as prepare them in case of a "rainy day". This is where majority of organizations fail in performing a financial analysis and preparing a financial strategic plan. Most organizations do not want to believe or even admit to the potential of having a "rainy day", because in their eyes it sets them up for failure. Victoria Secret obviously knows the importance of embracing the idea of a "rainy day" and prepares for it, which is