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Coca Cola 100-Year-Old Man Shares the Secret to Happiness
This commercial is based on the story of an old man and a newborn baby. This encounter with her is like a symbol of all that is left for her to live for the little girl. It starts in a small town off the shore of the Philippines. In a loving and homie environment, children playing around the neighborhood, an old man introduces himself as Lolo Mario.
As he starts a journey to the city, Lolo initiates the commercial by narrating his life to a newborn baby. His 100 years of living in this world were described by him as lucky and blessed, “To have lived a life filled with happiness till this very day”. He gives one simple advice to the baby, to find true happiness. He lectured about life’s way of passing by rapidly and how it shouldn’t be wasted on nonsense and to never forget one’s roots. Lolo expressed his gratefulness towards the unity with friends and family.
As he gets ahold of the baby while looking into her mother’s eyes, he reflects on the supposition of how his 100 years of life would have been meaningless without those around him.
When the scenario changes back to the Philippines, Lolo appears to be in a party with friends. Everyone is drinking coca cola and having a good time playing checkers with the bottle caps of coca colas, dancing, eating, and singing karaoke, “Happiness is a birthright, your friends and family will help you find it”.
The commercial comes to an end by putting an image of a coca cola bottle announcing the 100-year anniversary by saying “For 100 years of happiness, thank you very much”.
The most important value highlighted in this advertisement is Happiness. The descriptions or qualities of the product are not presented, but what is emphasized is the message that the old man transmits about life, the advertisement is very clever, they present characters and real aspects...

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