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Secrets Of Wwi Essay

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In the summer of 1914, a Serbian nationalist assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Because of the assassination, Austria-Hungary decided to declare war on Serbia. Russia then entered the war to aid Serbia, their alliance. Germany, an alliance of Austria-Hungary, declared war on Russia to aid Austria-Hungary. Next, France declared war on Austria-Hungary and Germany to aid Russia, their alliance. Then, because England was an ally of France and Russia, England entered the war to aid those two countries. This was the cause of World War I, and as you can see, it was caused by a tangle of alliances.
When the First World War began, President Woodrow Wilson urged Americans to stay ...view middle of the document...

The Zimmerman Telegram was the last straw, and in April of 1917, America officially entered the war.
Because America had been neutral and not involved in major wars since the Civil War, American soldiers were highly unprepared. John J. Pershing trained Americans to fight in the war, and a lot of time had passed before Americans went overseas to actually fight. Americans were still unprepared for what awaited them, and as soon as they arrived, many of them died. However, the several Americans that died did not die in battle; instead they died from disease and illness they encountered when they arrived. Many of the American soldiers were dying from the influenza strain in Europe, and at that time, there was no cure and Americans were not immune to the illness. Back home in America, the biggest problem that arose was the lack of support from anti-war individuals. Individuals who opposed the war and the draft were punished, and the government even went as far as saying that opposing the war was not included in the freedom of...

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