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Section Iii Essay

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The College of Business at UCCS is preparing for their five-year AACSB reaccreditation review. Section III of this report presents the investigative steps undertaken in isolating the best practices in the accreditation process. This report will follow a qualitative or exploratory approach, denote the relationship between the research and the theoretical framework, as well as discuss data collection and analysis strategies. Limitations to this research are presented too.
Investigative Approach and Design Strategies
Investigative approach. An investigative approach is called for when a problem creates the need for exploration of a topic to gain a detailed understanding (Plano ...view middle of the document...

Human capital recognizes that the knowledge or skills gained through education or training in a specialized skill an individual possess impacts the productivity of the individual (Xiao, 2001). This theory supports the requirements for AACSB faculty qualifications which dictate that faculty are adequately qualified through accredited education, professional experience, impactful research, and innovative teaching (AACSB, 2014). Employing the Human Capital Theory to this capstone validates the need to ensure quality inputs from all levels of stakeholders, but particularly faculty, in achieving successful outputs to maintain accreditation.
Data collection and preparation strategies. The basis for this study is comprised of a comprehensive literature review of articles sourced from the online library at Colorado State University-Global campus. Information is also included from internet sources, organizational data, and resources housed with the accreditation body, AACSB. A chart highlighting the best practices to follow in the accreditation process is presented.
Data analysis strategies. The data collected will be framed based on the Human Capital Theory employing a qualitative approach. The data collected from secondary sources will be explored and coded via human analysis to address the capstone questions. Recommendations to follow in the accreditation process and in defining faculty qualifications under the new standards are suggested as a result of this research of best practices employed in the accreditation process.
Investigative Parameters of Limitations
The recent changes in AACSB standards may present a challenge in locating best practices of defining faculty qualifications. A limited number of schools have already defined these qualifications; locating pubic data on their definitions is one limitation.
Summary of Section Highlights
Section III denotes the strategy for this capstone report based on an investigative approach qualitative design method. The theoretical framework supporting this report is the Human Capital Theory which will form the basis for a recommendation of best practice. Section IV of the capstone relates the findings of this study.

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