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Section Iv And Section V Work Plan

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The final sections of the capstone report include a presentation of the findings and recommendations for management to implement to solve the organizational problem. These last sections of the capstone report integrate research with the management and capstone questions and organize the information for logical flow and clear presentation (Plano Clark & Creswell, 2010). The organizational structure of these sections includes demonstrating the theory thread, building an analytic framework, and data display into the report structure. These sections summarize the research and provide the answers sought by management.
Summary of the Problem
The study purpose involves answering a ...view middle of the document...

Recommended solutions to each question will be threaded with the applicable theory in section V. A potential layout for these sections follows:
 Section IV – Findings of the Investigation
 Relevant Analysis
 Capstone Q1
 Process Element 1
 Process Element 2
 Process Element x
 Capstone Q2
 Barrier 1
 Barrier 2
 Barrier y
 Capstone Q3
 Goal Setting Aspect 1
 Goal Setting Aspect 2
 Goal Setting Aspect z
 Overall Findings: A Synthesis
 Summary of Section Highlights

 Section V – Interpretation and Recommendations
 Organizational Implications and potential cost benefits
 Recommendations
 Implications for Decision Makers
 Future Research
 Summary of Section Highlights

Implementation of these headings follows hierarchical principles for clarity and logical flow allowing the reader to quickly ascertain the relevance of the data to the specific question (Gatterbauer, 2007). An analytical framework and coding process will be used to identify the specific elements within each capstone question. Findings related to the applicable theory examined in this research will be displayed in section IV and incorporated into the recommendations presented in section V.
Incorporation of Theory Thread
An investigation of goal setting theory and its applicability for task accomplishment, group performance, and overcoming difficult endeavors will be demonstrated in section IV. The data will reveal a correlation between goals setting and performance (Locke & Latham, 2002). Recommendations for incorporating this theory into the closeout process will be made in section V based on the supporting evidence from section IV. As with other elements of the research, an analytical framework process is used for this aspect of the research.
Analytic Framework and Data Display
An analytic framework utilizes software tools, patterns, data collection techniques, and modeling to categorize data to identify solutions to business...

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