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The Macquarie dictionary defines "change" as the process of being made different, altered in appearance, turned into something or someone else. Any student can find this out but still to grasp the actual truth about the value of change of perspective you need to get an in-depth look at sources that will be able to project the feelings, emotions, outcomes and circumstances that surround why we change, how we change and the effects of change. I am sure that the area of study we have been provided with does just this.In today's modern society more and more children are being faced with both dramatic and physical changes in there lives. With desirability of locations and family breaking and or expanding. Most children will be faced with hard and complex changes. The area of study provides them with information that will prepare them and equip them with facts to handle and cope. It also provides us with a background against which to judge things, events that happen. As we read through the texts that have been set for us our minds broaden to the way others change and how they cope and handle problems.We are presented with some similar events that we may be able to commiserate with and understand, others we are presented with we cannot think to grasp like events we are shown in the set text (novel) Maestro.Experiences such as the ones that Herr Keller has experienced in his life are examples of this.They are dramatic emotional and have a slightly traumatic effect on him.Keller is withdrawn towards opening up to people and letting them see the truth about his history. Your first impression of Keller is bitter and power orientated towards others and you do not fully understand this until you see Paul asking him questions about his past. He at first refuses and strays away from the subject of Vienna and his family "Your family, I ventured" "Those are my family, he gestured towards the sheets of music sitting on a shelf". Quotes such as this refer to his way of holding things back. This is the same in normal life that you are always unsure about how much you know about a person and the hunger to learn more.As Herr Keller continues to get closer to Paul. He tries to open up, but Paul, without knowing, shuns Keller's cry for attention and companionship and just someone to fill the loneliness."As I glance at my watch 7:55, I wanted to know more but at what price, Rosie would be waiting for me...." Moments also show us Paul's confusion towards feelings "My contempt fuelled by feelings far more complicated and contradictory than I had thought". This is a perfect example of the way that people are unpredictable and although you think you may know what is happening things change and we cannot stop them.But the Area of study and text also teachers us about not just change in others and the effects it has on us but the perspectives that we hold about ourselves and the way this may change we are shown and in-depth look at this from a teenage view in Maestro by...

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1886 words - 8 pages characters that his wife was faithful. Shakespeare positions the audience to admire and sympathise with Desdemona. 'I have not deserved this.' (IV.iii. 179-180) Desdemona states after Othello strikes her. Othello struggles to accept the change but he embarks on it willingly to the extent that his murders his wife. Shakespeare uses a confused tone to show that Othello is unsure of both Iago and Desdemona. 'I think my wife be honest, and think she is not, I

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777 words - 3 pages all have iin common the discovery of a new perspective on the world that also involves personal change.The Harwood poem, 'Father and Child' gives an overview of life from childhood to middle age and shows the progression and wisdom maturity can bring. HHannah Robert's 'Sky High' shows a similar overview between youth and more responsible adulthood. Ray Bradbury's 'Fahrenheit 451'All of these changes demonstrate that life is a dynamic process and each person has the potential to change.

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1228 words - 5 pages between it and her childhood, being that they both grew old together. This woman changes from a child who climbed, metaphorically, “Sky High,” and now one who is tied down by the responsibilities of adulthood. The juxtaposition of this change is conveyed in the tone used in the text. This tone changes from one of insight and wonder to one of upset and regret. “Impulsively, I close my hand around one of the spotted metallic arms…The inclination

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1306 words - 5 pages of life. However time is a funny thing as people always tend to lose track of the time because they are spending to much time in either the past or the future. What is in the past is in the past, no matter how long we look at it; it won't change. Same goes for the future, if you spend too much time looking into the future which we can't see, you miss out on the present.For this reason all we have is the present and if we stop to think about it

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2262 words - 9 pages tone then shifts to one of nostalgia "insist on shooting for us both", by shifting tones I can see his sense of loss, and it allows me to empthasise with him. Even though he's an adult he is still crying, "tears smut my fingers" and reminiscing powerfully. He is using the past to make sense of the present. We can also see how the poets understanding of his grandparents has changed from child "doodle handlebar moustaches." To an adult perspective

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1222 words - 5 pages " is wrong and unfair. South Tahoe High School does a good job preparing certain students for graduation, however, there is room for improvement in each of the six categories of expectations.Teachers rarely push their students to memorize vocabulary, use good grammar, or read. Vocabulary is key for students to know in college, for the SATs, and overall understanding of the world, other people, books, and other literature. Students memorize the

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767 words - 3 pages eat that morning can come out, you step on that ice, or start that exam or begin that interview, and all the anxiety begins to disappear. It’s like something inside of you has flicked the on switch and your body is doing what it is meant to do, as if you had practiced it a hundred times. Then, just as quickly as it all began, its over. Nothing you can do can possibly change the result now. It is all out of your hands.All of a sudden a cold

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2095 words - 8 pages in a small house that he rents for $80 a week. Social position is another crucial part of the text. Gatsby may have money, but he does not have a high social position in society. He holds many parties, but really has no real friends apart from Nick. This is then compared to Daisy who has many friends and knows a lot of people.Techniques such as first person narrative, gives the novel more feeling and shows the point of view of Nick. For example

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785 words - 3 pages One of the great ironies of human life and human history is that the only permanent thing is change. However even our understanding of change itself is not fixed, but depends on context, values and attitudes, place and time. William Shakespeare's play 'The Taming of the Shrew', and William Blake's poem 'And did those feet' both present the need for spiritual and moral renewal, while the late 20th Century film 'Good Will Hunting' deals with

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