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Section Summaries Of Heidegger Analysis Of Environmentality And Worldhood In General

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15. The Being of the entities encountered in the environment

The nature of being can be seen from many different ways. Entities, those things with independent existence, cannot be used to describe the world, they cannot be used to describe these “Things” we see everyday in the world, they are simply just there. These “Things” are always in seen in terms of something else, they never are strictly for themselves. We perceive these “Things” to one way while another person can see that same “Thing” to be a completely opposite way. Looking at these “Things” within-the-world does not give the whole picture and it is simply an assumed world. Entities should not be seen as Things because this ...view middle of the document...

The object becoming un-useful gives the object a conspicuous look bringing on the new identity for that object of having a presence-at-hand rather than a readiness-to-hand. The equipment itself does not change from ready-to-hand to presence-to-hand, it is simply our perception of the object that causes the change. Dasein is an entity that already was, that already happened, that already lived, when thinking about the world. Dasein means, “to be there” where “there” refers to the world.

17. Reference and signs

Referential totalities are seen as the worldhood. The primordial equipment has reference and assignment, where assignments and referential totalities can become organized within the state of the world. Signs are seen in different equipment and only signs can indicate and show. Indicating is a kind of referring or relating. Do to the fact that every reference is a relation, but not every relation is a reference, signs cannot be characterized as relations. Meaning that references cannot be seen as signs even though the sign might be related to the reference. A sign is a piece of equipment that shows or indicates its worth in regards to its function and in its readiness-to-hand. A sign belongs to the whole of, or totality of, equipment. This equipment totality works in a way to make everything...

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