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Section Test #2 Essay

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Biopsychology is “. . . the scientific study of the biology of behavior and mental processes” (Huffman Ch. 2) it is very closely related to neuroscience. This study is used to try and understand the functions of the brain, and how to more accurately and effectively diagnose and treat the many disorders and diseases of the brain.
The nervous system is used to take sensory information and send it to the brain. Neurons are the cells of the nervous system. There are four types of neurons. Sensory neurons pick up information from the environment. Interneurons interconnect all the neurons from the brain to the motor neurons. Motor neurons engage in the physical functions. Mirror neurons are ...view middle of the document...

2) in order to continue the message.
Neurons communicate in four steps. The first step is resting potential. In this step the axon is not stimulated, and is “at rest”. The fluid on the inside has more negative ions than those on the outside.
The second step is Action potential initiation, this is when the “at rest” axon is stimulated by a strong signal. This causes the axon to open its “gates” and let positive sodium ions in, making the axon turn from negative to positive.
The third step is the spreading of action potential and repolarization. The imbalance from step two cause the action potential to spread into the next section. The “gates” open and potassium flows out, allowing the section to repolarize and return to its resting state.
The final step is the overall summary. “. . . [T]he sequential process of depolarization, followed by repolarization, transmits the action potential along the entire length of the axon from the cell body to the terminal buttons” (Huffman Ch. 2). This process is told to be similar to and audience doing the wave.
Neurons are held in place and supported by Glial Cells. “[Glial Cells] make up about 90 percent of the brain's cells” (Huffman Ch. 2). Glial Cells provide support, provide nutrition, remove waste, and enhance the communication of neurons. For every one neuron, there are ten Glial...

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