Section1: Childhood And Brotherhood Essay

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Section1: Childhood and Brotherhood

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1. Setting: The novel first start off in December 2001 and the protagonist, Amir, is in San Francisco California. When Amir mentions he goes out for a stroll at Golden Gate Park he describes a beautiful lake with the early-afternoon sun sparking on the water. He also mentions a crisp breeze, willow trees, windmills boats in the lake and finally a pair of colourful kites in the sky. The atmosphere in this scene is peaceful since they…

Later in the novel Amir describes Afghanistan in 1975 where he grew up in his childhood.There are poplar trees lined the redbrick driveway, that lead to a pair of iron gates. Amir’s house was ...view middle of the document...

One important moment in the story so far, is when Amir overhears Baba talking to his friend/business partner about Amir. Baba mentions many hurtful things about Amir which shows the lack of emotional connection between the father and his son. He had mentioned that Amir can’t stand up for himself as a child, so he will not be able to do so as an adult. He also mentions that Amir displays a lack of interest in things Baba enjoyed as a kid, like soccer. This shows that Baba has a hard time understanding his son as they do not share interests and behave differently. Finally, the most hurtful remark he had mentioned was that he wouldn’t have believed Amir was his son if he did not see his wife give birth to him. All these comments made by Baba show the lack of an meaningful relationship between father and son. As Amir hears these words he is definitely heartbroken which we can see the next morning when he snaps at Hassan when he asks Amir what is troubling him. I believe that any son would have reacted that way after listening to the harsh comments made by his father. This specific moment gives us an more insight view between the barrier between Amir and Baba as well as giving us a clearer picture of how Baba feels toward his son.

Another important moment that takes place in the first 5 chapters is when gunfire erupts in the street and Ali, Hassan, and Amir hide in the house until morning. Amir says that night was the beginning of the end of the Afghanistan they knew. Later the next day they discover that the gunshots were part of a coup in which Daoud Khan, the king’s cousin, took over the government. That morning, Amir and Hassan hear talk of what happened on the radio, but they don’t understand what it means that Afghanistan has become a republic. This is not only an important moment in the story but also in history because as Amir mentioned it changed Afghanistan forever. Amir is foreshadowing that something drastic will happen in the future after the Monarch falls and Afghanistan becomes a republic. As we know this leads to the Soviet Union invading in Afghanistan in 1979 resulting Afghanistan becoming an place of war fare destruction. This also results in the Taliban taking over Afghanistan once the Russians leave, making Afghanistan …

The final conflict that takes place from chapters 1-5 is the introduction of Assef. Assef is born to Afgan father and German mother. He has blond hair and blue eyes and most importantly he carries around brass knuckles. According to Amir he is a sociopath and his nick name is Assef “the ear eater”. Assef mentions that his father knows Daoud Khan and he claims Hitler as a role model. He also mentions that Afghanistan is the land of Pashtuns and will always remain that way. He refers to Hassan and other Hazara as people that pollute Afghanistan and that dirty their blood. Later on, Hassan stand up to Assef by threatening him to shoot a rock from his sling shoot at Assefs eye. Before he leaves after...

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