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Secularism In The Usa Essay

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Secularism is a most important issue for all state. The rise of a secular age increased with material world.
Secularism can be defined as ‘the idea that as modernity, democracy, have advanced, concern with God. ’. Secularism is basic unit of seperation of goverment institutions from religious institutions and religious restriction. Secularism may reveal the right to free movement from religious rule, and my provide neutral belief to people. Secularism consist in Greek ,and roman philosopher.
Secularism have different discussion in the world. Different countries have different understanding about secularism . In European countries secularism called ‘Laicism’, it has been argued secularism is a behaviour for modernization , and it away from traditional religious values. This type of secularism has a social level. Also secularism can explain different type .
The United State is a major power at international area. Generally USA has different policy from other state. They try to improve their influence with different way. Therefore USA developed self explanation about secularism. Since the establishment of America, they wanted to improve their secular principle in country. However , this secularism differ from France and Turkey. In France laicism shaped with struggle of church. However in USA, there was no struggle between church and people. On the other hands,begining of secularism, USA secularism influenced from European reformation.

There is more discussion for USA secularism due to some applications of state and behaviour of people. In USA, there is most stronger relation between religion and people. When USA constitution drafted, there was most discussion about official religion. Most of politicians did not want to legislate official religion for state. Thomas Jefferson was one of these politicians. He was important writer Declaration of American Independence. He opposed to official religion, and he prevented this. He supported seperation of church ,and he said this ‘wall of seperation’.
In USA, there is no official religion. However , christianity is most effective religion. In ancient times there were strict rules of religion in America. With capitalism and global agenda, strict rules lost of their effect. However in USA some behaviour can accept a proof for effect of religion on daily life. For example, become a member of church, workship on Sunday and volunteer activity for religion is most important for Americans. In USA, 170 million people regular worship at churces. Their most important day is ‘ Thanksgiving Day’. When some soldier started their duties. Soldier attend the ceremony in the curch. Also on USA dollar. There is writing ‘ IN GOD WE TRUST’. All of these activities create some question abut secular America.
Management system of the United State derive from religion and freedom....

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