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Secure Information Essay

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Picture Archiving and Communication System, Radiology's link to the future

Radiology has been a staple in all hospitals, as the years have gone by many advances in techniques and equipment has advanced this particular type of medicine. Because of these advances people have been able to get accurate diagnoses without the need of invasive surgeries; along with these life saving advances has come a huge break through for the way in which we store images and communicate within Radiology. This advance in the Radiology community has compressed what used to be two or three systems into one extremely versatile system, PACS the Picture Archiving and Communicating System. Although it can be very easy to use, it can do many complex tasks which are essential for any hospital or diagnostic center. Also this system can link all the different modalities to one server, and also link the technologist to the radiologist via the web. Images can be manipulated in various ways, magnified, inversed, and rotated, also the contrast can be adjusted to the liking of any Radiologist; apart from manipulating images this system can also store and send images half way around the world with DICOM format. Since the systems are linked by a secure line it becomes extremely hard for someone to steal this information; which is one of the greatest concerns when dealing with patient information.

Through the years advantages in computer software and hardware has made Radiology stay on the cutting edge. Radiology is an extremely important part of healthcare; with it people have been able to get accurate diagnoses which help patients pick the correct treatment for them. There are countless modalities which are combined together to get these accurate diagnoses, some of these modalities are MRI, CT, X-ray, and Fluoroscopy. MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging works on the basis that RF pulses are generated by a superconductive magnet and applied to a person's body, from this detailed images are created and stored in a computer. X-ray's CT and Fluoroscopy are all similar in the way they use X-ray photons to create images which are stored in either hard copies or images on computers. With all of these advances with the different modalities it was extremely important for someone to come up with some sort of system which would allow people to store and send these images.

Along came one of the greatest systems which allowed Technologist and Radiologist alike to store, send and most important manipulate images. The PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) made all these things possible, before the time of PACS multiple systems where combined to be able to do all of these necessary functions. In the world of Radiology, Radiologist and Technologist alike must manipulate images so that they can properly visualize the proper anatomy, also to see if there is any pathology present. As technology has advanced so has the amount of images taken per study,...

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