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Secure Voting Protocol Design Essay

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AssumptionsCentral voting server and counter server have a physically secured tamper-proof hardware. So, a potential hacker has no way of physically destroying or altering the hardware of the server.Terminal is tamper-proof in the sense that there is no way to open up the terminal or modify its innards without irrevocably breaking the terminal.Each terminal has an accurate, tamper-proof clock inside it. This is to allow the voting during the specified time-periodEach voter has been provided with an ID (which is a string of 256 bits printed on a laminated card with the voter's photograph and signature) which use to verify themselves during votingCamera at top of terminal is tamper-proof to make sure it always in good conditionThe cryptographic systems used are hard to break to make sure hackers can't do any bad things to the voting process.Voter, central voting server and counter server do not collude with each other to make sure they didn't transfer their information secretlyThreatsIt is possible that hackers hack the computer system of central voting server, counter server or terminal to cause the process of voting forced to suspend until system administrator recover the system. Besides, it is also possible that someone send virus to the program. So, security is very important here to make sure voting process work as normal.Attacker can send a lot of request to the central voting server and counter server. This will make the communication channel congested and the voting process will run very slow and cause many voters can't finish their vote by deadline.It is possible that interception will occur. Attackers will get the IP addresses of terminals and hack the system of terminals. This will cause technicians keep going to different terminals and recover the system. This again will slow down the voting process.Modification may be will happen on lousy electronic voting protocol. Attackers can modify votes and let the votes to choose candidate who had bribe the attackers. Besides, attackers can duplicate votes and also make the new votes many times as they like. This will affect the fairness of the voting.Protocol Description & Design DecisionsFirst of all, the user ID that is a string of 256 bits is printed on a laminated card with the voters' photography and signature. This is not secure because many peoples can get the voters' user ID during the way the laminated card pass to voters' hand. Besides, voters' passwords were sent to them by the other way. This is same like when we apply master card, the bank send the card and password to us separately. This is to make sure the people who get voters' laminated card or their password can't do anything unless he/she get both the things. But even a criminal get both laminated card and password of a voter, the voter will report that he/she didn't receive both the two things and he/she will be given a new laminated card and a new password. So, it is secure enough.At the day of voting, when the voters...

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