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Securing Data And Handling Spillage Events

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 In today’s world, Data Spill is such an event that the highly unlikely or impossible happens. Data Security is known as shielding an organized body of related information, also called as database security.
 It is known as Data breach, when the secure information is exposed to the environment that is not trusted. It is occurring repeatedly at many places and the count goes on.
 The apprehension is this data breach leads to a huge loss to the organization in all aspects. One of the worst data spill is, Sony’s Play Station Network in the year 2011. The impact affecting 77 million Play Station Network accounts hacked.
 In the same year, another major data leak happened to RSA Security leading to close to forty million employee records stolen.
 In 2008, Heartland Payment Systems faced data loss when their 134 million credit cards broke through SQL inoculation when asked to install a spyware on their systems.

 Many organizations had gone through these disasters, dropping their reputation and financial abilities.
 When the Sony’s play station Network accounts were hacked, this was viewed as the worst gaming community data spill of all time and 12 million encrypted credit card numbers were lost.
 They have not found sources of the hack till date. Whoever has gained access to these credit card numbers, home address, emails, full names, PSN logins and passwords, it takes every security person into wonderment.
 They have security controls but not applying consistently, there is a failure on “to whom you give your data to? “, spending lot of funds to online games and other virtual properties.
 There are good security companies like RSA but are not immune to being hacked and said that human beings are, indeed, the weakest link in the chain.
 In the...

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