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Securing Networked Computers For Global Defense

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Technology is a crucial component to many peoples’ lives. As it continues to advance and become widespread throughout the world, peoples’ reliance upon computers especially increases. Computers are responsible for storing and sending extremely sensitive data; the unwanted interception of this data can lead to catastrophic outcomes. Keeping sensitive data absolutely secure is impossible, but setting up defenses to optimally protect it is essential. The 2008 CSI Computer Crime & Security Survey states that when asking organizations if they had experienced targeted computer attacks that year (2008), 27 percent of 355 respondents reported they had. The previous year (2007), 32 percent of the 252 respondents said they had experienced attacks. Networked computer security defenses are implemented to protect against these targeted attacks, causing system intruders to change their focus, "…toward stealthier attacks that are more effective because they are targeting specific organizations or industry segments," (18, Richardson). Although there was a 5 percent decrease in attacks per year, there is still a significant threat of targeted attacks present in the world, "Targeted attacks—hypothetical just a handful of years ago—are a significant reality today" (18, Richardson). As the world continues converting to electronic means of storing data, it is essential that personal and private information remains protected to ensure the security, and therefore the prosperity, of individuals, businesses and governments.

All computers connected to the Internet face serious potential threats. As the Internet continues to advance, made apparent especially in the switch from web 1.0 to web 2.0, users and developers are granted more freedom in their opportunities for design. Unfortunately, while the Internet expands and these new opportunities present themselves, opportunities also pop up for some users to abuse the integrity of new systems. These users exploit the freedoms of advanced development and design attacks against others. Web 2.0 is a popular target for hackers due to the mass amount of users that are able to access it, and the possibility for various methods of intrusion. “Black hat” hackers actively attack sites for numerous reasons; the majority of their motives involve harming others for selfish gain. These attacks are organized primarily against websites that are commonly accessed by the public, such as social networking, shopping and banking sites. Hackers gravitate towards these websites in hopes of intercepting the abundant and frequent transaction of personal information. The first quarter analysis by Secure Enterprise 2.0's article, Web 2.0 Hacking Incidents & Trends' 2009, for example, "showed a steep rise in attacks against Web 2.0 sites...a major reason for the steep rise was a series of high-profile attacks on Twitter, which [was] becoming a popular social network/micropublishing site [at that time]" (2-3, Secure Enterprise...

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