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Securing Wlan/Lan Essay

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Securing WLAN/LAN

Daily security evaluation is done in your network. However, most of the users are not aware who monitors the security of their network. Therefore, most of these users are hoping that the one involved in measuring the effectiveness of your network's defenses is someone whom they trust. Conversely, tremendous evidence reports that you are not the only party questioning your network's perimeter (Safari, 2007). Most of IP addresses received thousands of attack attempts everyday since it can be easily reached from the Internet. Many of these are trouble-free scans that we know how to defend against unexpectedly transfer us into occurrence investigation and cleanup mode.
It is important to know if your organization has admission to expertise in all aspects of perimeter security, including networking, firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDSs), intrusion prevention systems (IPSs), Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), UNIX security, and Windows security. In order to direct our attention that somehow our network is secured is that most of us believed that a firewall is secure enough. This is why, IT Specialists probably hear this phrase more often than they would like to, because it seems to express the opinion of many people, both technical and non-technical.
Modern networks exhibit permeable properties which makes security much challenging even for those who already have firewalls. Wireless connections, portable storage devices, mobile systems, and links to partner sites offer a multitude of ways in which data can get in and out of our networks, bypassing our border defenses (Safari; Cisco, 2007). Thus, a single security component cannot appropriately protect a network. But if there are many components working together, then it might secure a network. Securing a network is flexible, in that it allows us to choose components based on technical, budgetary, and organizational restraints. It also gives the opportunity to combine them in a way that does not compromise the overall usability of the network (IBM, 2007).
Software architecture plays an important role in the argument of a security infrastructure because the primary function of the network's perimeter is to protect the application's data and services (Safari; HP, 2006). Harmony in the software's architecture and the network is needed when securing the application.
WLANs have shaped a new level of productivity and liberty both within and outside the organization. Many applications—both back-office (inventory tracking, mobile printing, and point-of-sale terminals) and front office (e-mail, Internet access, and...

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