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Security And Privacy In Social Media

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Security and Privacy in Social Media
Technology has advanced tremendously over the past decade, and appears to be advancing at a rapid pace each and every day. The social media is growing just as rapidly. Social media is an interaction between individuals that want to exchange information, photographs, and ideas in different types of networks. Social media users include people of all ages. These people have various experiences, have different cultures, and have various technical skills. (Brandtzaeg 1008) The social media depend on net-based technologies to generate the network for users to share. Social media includes everything that has to do with the Internet. By using the Internet, users ...view middle of the document...

Young people are using Facebook, Twitter, Web Blogs, Podcasts, Google, Wikipedia, Yelp, Instagram, and YouTube. There are numerous types of social media available, and countless more becoming available in the future. For the younger generation social networking can be fun and entertaining. Young children can improve their creativity, learning, and interactions through using social media. It appears to be a great way for pre-teens and teenagers to stay connected with their peers. However, a large number of young teens and even young adults do not have enough knowledge regarding their privacy while using social media. More and more people are beginning to show concern about their security and privacy while using social networking sites. (Hongwei 22) There are many negative effects on individuals using social media. What people do not understand is that their profile information they have posted to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites are being sold for marketing and advertising purposes. The majority of people do not agree to have their profile information sold to marketers. Searches made by individuals on the web are saved by the network’s databases. Then various companies can try to sell the user items that may be similar to their previous searches. This is called data mining, where data are analyzed from different perspectives. (Moglen 21) It seems as if people are being spied on while searching the web. Most people have no idea that these unethical principles are happening every single day on the Net. So many people surf the web and are unaware that their privacy is being abused. When a person uploads a picture on some of the networks certain applications now available can find out exactly where that person is. This person may not want their location known, and this can be dangerous, especially for young children. This can result in kidnapping. A kidnapper could easily locate a child through the locational applications on many devices. The child could be kidnapped from various locations such as parks, schools, neighborhoods, or any other public places. (Oravec 98)
Another huge negative impact that the social media has on individuals is that it can ruin their reputation. Distortions, falsifications, exaggerations, and misinterpretations take place constantly while using social networking. An individual’s data can easily be leaked to a third party who uses it in a negative way. Most users are completely unaware that this is happening. The social media can quickly ruin someone’s reputation. This should be a huge concern for everyone using social networks. College students may post pictures of themselves drinking at a party either on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Later, this picture can come back to haunt them when it shows up during an employment interview or some other type of job related situation. (Oravec 97) Many harmful incidents such as this can take place through social media to ruin an individual’s reputation. ...

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