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Security And Private Issues In Ecommerce

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Privacy means that the control over data and security of one is the attempt to access the data by other unauthorized . These are two critical issues facing by both consumers and e-commerce sites alike. Since the invention of the World Wide Web , electronic commerce based on the Internet has grown from a simple idea into reality. Consumers browse through catalogs , finding the best deals, order goods and pay electronically . Information services can be subscribed online, and many newspapers and journals are still legible on the Internet . Most financial institutions have some sort of online presence, allowing customers to access and manage their accounts , financial transactions , commercial activities , etc. . E-mails exchanged within and between enterprises, and often replace copies and fax . He soon left may not discard any company that has an Internet presence, if only for reasons of publicity. In early 1998 more than 2 million Web servers were connected to the Internet, and more than 300 million host computers. And even if the actual internet business remains marginal: expectations are high
Privacy is a serious problem in e-commerce, several reasons that contribute to this uncertainty The Internet does not offer much security per se. Identity and Data theft is undetectable in most cases. The popular PC operating systems offer little or no security against viruses or other malicious software, which means that users can not even trust the information in their own screens. At the same time, user awareness of security risks is dangerously low
A report from Goldman Sachs and Conotes that while commercial properties like Yahoo and eBay receive much attention from investors, business to business e-commerce is on the verge of exponential growth. According to the survey conducted by the net effects systems, while 94 percent of online consumers use the Internet to buy, only 10 percent of people prefer to buy things online. 74 percent of consumers said they have faced security and private interests. So if safety issues are appropriately addressed and private, then the e-consumers become e-shoppers, and e-commerce will be pushed a big step forward.
The e-commerce security is the protection of assets ecommerce unauthorized access, use, alteration or destruction. While no security features ensure reliable system that are necessary to build a secure system. There are four main security features:
Authentication: Verifies that claims to be. Requires that you are the only one who can log on to your Internet banking account .
Authorization: Allows only allows you to manipulate your resources in a specific way . This prevents you from increasing your account balance or elimination of a bill .
Encryption : It deals with information hiding . Ensures that you cannot spy on others during Internet banking .
Auditing : keeps records of transactions. Traders use the audit...

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