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Security Breaches While Browsing The Internet

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Each day, millions of people search the web to find information. They ask questions as simple as who won the Oscars, or as complex as what makes up our universe. Googling questions like these seems harmless enough, but what about when your personal information becomes a part of the search results? It does not seem so harmless anymore. People around the globe are searching for ways to protect their information from being dispursed throughout the internet. Because of this, website and browser security is quickly becoming the most in-demand service for individuals and corporations alike.
If you have accessed the internet, you have used a web browser. Unfortunately, the most common browsers today, such as Google Chrome and Firefox, do not provide satisfactory web safety to their users (Grossman 68). While one cannot expect a browser to be perfect, a certain level of safety and security is to be expected. A major issue found in these browsers is the ease with which hackers can access and change the code for a webpage. Even the success or failure to load an image can tell a hacker if you are logged into certain websites or not. The question could be asked, why should it matter if some random figure knows if I’m logged in to my mom’s blog or not? The issue is not that it is your mother’s blog, but in the realization that this detection technique could be applied to your bank account, email, or any other accounts you may have. Most or all of these contain sensitive information that can be exploited if in the wrong hands (Grossman 70). Security holes like this one are just a few of many reasons people want an alternative browser to guard their information while browsing the internet. While some organizations, like those behind the massively popular torrent site The Pirate Bay, have created their own web browsers, it is not enough to stem the tide of information-stealing users targeting you every day.
Generally, people want to be able to voice their opinions and ideas without worrying about who is accessing the information and for what purpose. Unfortunately, nearly everything they “share”, “like”, or “re-tweet” is being ““mined” for its value to those who want to sell something to us” (Moglen 20). Some companies, such as Google, that engage in this data mining, say in...

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