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It has long believed that a revision in the Security Council System is needed. No one easy nor 100% democratic solution has been agreed on. In a utopia, democracy and freedom are the driving forces of society; this ideal can though not exist in one of our legal nor decision making systems. In any, especially the UN system democracy and fairness should be, to its fullest potential be expressed. Today's system is outdated and unfair to the members who joined after the reformation in 65. The Security Council should be based on democracy, equality, and justice.There are many reasons why the UN Security Council needs reforming. The Security Council is an important conflict management system which maintains world peace; the resolutions decided by the council are binding to all member states. Since the decisions made at the meetings concern many countries, not just membering countries of the Security Council, I believe that all UN membership countries. Since the last reformation in 1965, 140 countries have joined the United Nations; Brazil, Germany, Japan, and India have joined together in trying to reform the system to let new countries in on the decisions. They believe that since many of the conflicts discussed in the council take place in the developing countries, that the developing countries first hand should be represented. Germany also believe that, since the first and foremost permanent members are form the North, they therefore believe that this calls for permanent representation from the South.I have read through the German as well as other countries proposals, but it is the German suggestion of change that I most agree on, more or less. The Germans said about the future is no change is made "...the Security Council runs the risk of losing some of its legitimacy and authority" if other members of the UN cannot be represented without invitation....

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