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Security In The Business Environment Essay

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The business world is increasingly reliant on technology to supply information and communications facilities to staff, partners, and customers. Securing organizational information and the systems that are used to manage and transmit data has become a high profile function. Failure to secure information can have a severe impact on business credibility.

Threats to an organization come in a variety of forms, for example from hacking, viruses, and simple human error. The types of threats change constantly, so management must sponsor, design, and implement business and technical processes to safeguard critical business assets. To create a more secure business environment the organization must:

• Assess business exposure and identify which assets to secure.

• Identify ways to reduce risk to an acceptable level.

• Design a plan for mitigating security risks.

• Monitor the efficiency of security mechanisms.

• Re-evaluate effectiveness and security requirements regularly.

All of these activities must be coordinated within a well-defined strategy. An organization can manage risk to an acceptable level by developing security policies and making staff and commercial partners aware of their responsibilities within them. Security can also contribute to an organization's bottom line, because customers value the reliability of a supplier.

This Security Management service management function (SMF) guides organization leaders and senior managers through issues that they should consider when developing an effective security policy and implementing it through a security program. The SMF discusses the individual and team security roles and their interrelationship with operational functions. The SMF also reviews tactics and best practices to increase staff awareness and encourage continuous improvement.

Security management is only one aspect of providing information technology (IT) services to an organization. This SMF works within the wider Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) to align defense with other critical services, such as Business Continuity Management and Change Management. The Security Management SMF also relates to industry security standards and initiatives, such as the International Standards Organization (ISO) 17799:2000 and the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Best Practice in Security Management.

This service management function (SMF) provides information about security management for organizations that have deployed, or are considering deploying, Microsoft or other technologies in a data center or other enterprise-level computing environment. The guide assumes that the reader is familiar with the intent, background, and fundamental concepts of the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) and the Microsoft technologies that this SMF discusses.

You can find detailed information about the concepts and principles of MOF on the MOF Executive Overview v3.0 site that is available at...

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