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After 9/11, many Americans accepted the fact that the Government and the National Security was taking an aggressive surveillance action to prevent another terrorist attack. However, what the Government and the National Security is doing is gathering as much information as they can to use it later against the same people they claim to protect. What type of information is the Government and National Security gathering? How is this mass surveillance, protecting the citizens of the United States? Is it worth giving up privacy for security that may not protect anyone after all?
Recently Edward Snowden a former National Security Agent (NSA) said that the reason he leaked government ...view middle of the document...

What Sanchez was trying to make public was that the government surveillance is putting Americans at risk instead of protecting them. Network providers and retail companies have a security in place to protect their customer’s information; nevertheless, the government has created an entryway to the networks secure systems. According to Sanchez, the government aggressive action to keep surveillance on everyone has opened the doors for hackers to rob Americans private information. This is a serious issue because if the government does not make the necessary changes in how they keep taps on people, network providers and retail companies would not be able to provide security to their customers.
The Commonweal Magazine recently posted online an article, securing our liberty, in this article; it says that regardless of Snowden action good or bad, the issue about government surveillance and Americans privacy is an important issue that needs to be address. Some official thinks that the extensive government surveillance is the key to prevent future terrorist attack and they agree that the government should provided American with information on how surveillance has help stop future attacks. Regardless of what the government says or does, Americans have the right to know what they are giving up in exchange of security.
The government constantly faces challenges to protect Americans against...

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