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Security Risk Management Srm And Auditing

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The term “be prepared” applies especially well to today’s business environment, where enterprises across all industries and locations are challenged by a volatile, increasingly unpredictable world. In addition to protecting their internal resources, organizations must consider the security and well-being of their employees, partners, suppliers and customers, as well as the reliability of the web of networks and systems on which most now depend.

Stop Managing Security. Start Managing Risk.

The way forward lays in a security risk management (SRM) approach that protects your company from the most severe threats to critical IT systems and operational processes. SRM helps your organization understand its assets and analyze the vulnerabilities it must address. Security risk management also facilitates internal and external compliance initiatives. It enables your organization to enforce policies that relate to the integrity of customer data, the configuration of corporate applications and databases, and the accuracy of financial reports. Companies that take a systematic approach to SRM reap additional benefits: operational efficiencies that lead to better management of resources and reduced costs. It's up to all the parties involved in the IT operations and security mission to demonstrate that they can take on the demands of this new challenge.

Security is a wide concept, it is a separated subject with its own theories, "which focus on the process of attack and on preventing, detecting and recovering from attacks" (William 1996). Certainly, these processes should be well organized in coping with the complex system issues. A coherent approach should be taken, which builds on established security standards, procedures and documentation. Actually, "the activities of the IT security function are varying in accordance with the criteria of size and sector"(Osborne 1998).
The lack of management support is one of the key failures for IT project implementations (Johnson 1995). Similarly, without adequate management support, IT security audit would not accomplish much. Part of a balanced SRM is a proper risk evaluation or an audit. An IT security audit should be integrated into the corporate management function as an important priority.
There are two types of management approach to the IT security function in the organization. The first is the bottom-up approach. The implementation of the IT security audit is from the grass-root level, whereby, the systems administrator and technical officers are the one making the decision on how to improve the security systems. This is advantageous because they possess technical expertise to enable them to execute these IT security functions. However, even with the best technical expertise, IT security within an organization would still be vulnerable due to lack of participation support from top management and the users of these IT systems. Another management approach is the top-down approach.

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