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Security Risks Essay

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With evolving technology, the risks involved with using computer technology increase. Years ago we could not have anticipated the risks we face today. Ten years ago a computer was susceptible to viruses and Adware. We still worry about viruses and Adware, but we face new dangers.
In the computer security world, we use a term called the CIA Triad. The CIA triad stands for confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The way it works is you imagine a triangle with each side representing one of the three terms. Once you have your triangle the goal is to balance you or your organization in a happy medium in balance with the other sides. Basically, by locking down our computers, we protect ...view middle of the document...

When people install a new electrical device that access their wireless network, they enter the wireless key, get it on the network and forget about it. Once someone accesses these devices, then they have a gateway into your network. The act of hacking one of these devices could cause more serious implications. To emphasize my point, let me give an example. Some insulin machines have wireless networking capabilities. As a hacker, I could hack into someone’s insulin machine, increase their dose, kill them with an overdose, and set the machine back to the standard dose to cover my tracks while sitting in a café on the other side of the planet.
The implications of these risks exist out of the office or home. In the past couple years, a couple major issues have been made public. One of which is the ability to hack an electronic door lock that uses a card like you see in hotels. This device can be made for around forty dollars. Another technology that was made public this year is the ability to hack a car. Hackers can now control your acceleration, and brakes remotely. Just think, you could cut someone off on the highway, and, as a retaliation, they could hack your car. They could tell it to accelerate to 150mph, then slam on the brakes. Kind of shines a new light on road rage.
I spoke at a technology conference this year, where I informed the attorneys who attended about the dangers associated with technology. One of the common topics was smart phones, tablets, and the security risks associated with these devices. When we are at a location with internet service, we have extra security from firewalls and things along those lines. Even home wireless routers offer some protection. When we are on the road, our mobile devices do not have that extra layer of security. This lack of added security causes our mobile devices to be easier targets.
A common method to gathering user data is to setup a false Wi-Fi hotspot. For example, a person interested in gathering information can go to a place that offers free Wi-Fi, like a coffee shop. Once there, they can setup their own hotspot using the same name as the free hotspot. When a person unknowingly uses the fake hotspot, the person who setup the fake can collect all of the data going across the line. That includes all emails, transactions, or files transmitted.
The information we keep on our portable devices can be just as damaging as the damage we keep on our desktops. If a business person checks email on their phone then they carry with them all of their correspondence which can include important business information, and contact information. Important data does not stop with business applications. Every time a person uses a mobile device for financial transactions, or checking bank accounts they are putting sensitive information into a device with little protection.
The data is often things that we simply do not want to see out in the open. There are a number of stories where a celebrity has pictures of...

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