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Security Sector Reform Essay

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After a conflict in any civilization it is important that the people are helped to adapt to the new situation created by the conclusion of the issue. How this is achieved is through the security sectors(military, police, etc.) in the nations in question. The security sector reform(SSR) is the effort to aid that adaptation from the security forces being threatening to the people to then being a source in which the people can rely on. When dramatic change or violence is introduced to a country it is unlikely that it will be accepted immediately. When a crisis arises the SSR is supposed to help deescalate the issue and to help provide a solution to the problem. The goal is for the security systems to be enhanced and the people of that nation to be more accepting of the change and to hopefully keep away from those groups who continuously stop the progress of a country out of its difficult position. Examples of this have been seen all over the world as the SSR attempts to help areas of the world suffering from the issues created by government disagreements, poverty, and war including the Central African Republic(CAR) and Iraq. These countries have both been racked with violent or governmental problems that beat upon the people and their confidence in the leadership a security of their country. The goal of the security sector reform is to rebuild the confidence of the people in their government leaders and these countries both show evidence of the SSR’s fight to achieve this difficult task.
A society being introduced to change will find it difficult to believe in the leading power they have been placed under whether it be a new or old government situation. It is important that the people trust those whose care their home and lives have been placed in, “The main objectives of security sector reform are twofold. First, reforms are designed to develop an effective, affordable and efficient security sector, for example by restructuring or building human and material capacity. Second, reforms facilitate democratic and civilian control of the security sector, for example through strengthening the management and oversight capacities of government ministries, parliament and civil society organizations.”(Schnabel and Born) As expressed in this quote, the goals of the SSR are to help governments and countries in transition to become a better a safer place. It is important that a country spend time evaluating the issues in the security force and to make sure the individuals involved are looking out for the best of the people they are supposed to be protecting.
All over the world the unsuccessful government changes and group revolts are seen, these countries now in transition, struggle to find ways to make peace in their troubled nations including the areas of the Central African Republic and Iraq. In the Central African Republic problems already existing escalated at the beginning of 2013 as the rebel forces in the nation accused the president at that time of...

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