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Security Sector Reform (An Argument On How Best To Reform The Security Sector Of Societies In Transition)

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In the history of the Earth, countless times, societies have transitioned. Many times, these transitions have been for the better, but sadly, just as many times, if not more, societies have changed for the worse. It is easy for a peaceful society to change into a hostile one. Societies naturally decay, resulting in wars all over the world. This is called social entropy. This explains why it is so easy for societies to fall apart, but so hard to piece them back together. We are working against nature when we try to fix problems within societies. Therefore, it takes the perfect conditions, just the right amount of power, cooperation, and meticulous planning to piece broken societies back together and restore peace among its people. One of the most important things to consider when undergoing such an extensive operation is the security sector. In societies under the rule of a dictator, the security sector is basically a cult of men with way too much power over the people of the society, and under complete control of the dictator. These men are there to do the dirty work of the dictator and make sure that anyone who resists the dictator is cut down. Their main weapon is fear. On the contrary, in a peaceful, democratic society, the security sector is there to protect the people from each other and anyone else who wants to harm them. They are not men that innocent people should fear. One of the hardest transitions is that of the security sector. Men who are used to using their brutal power to force people to do whatever the dictator wants will not immediately be ideal members of the security sector of a democratic society. They don’t know how to be gentle. They don’t know how to protect people without hurting others. On top of that, the people will not trust them. The best way to reform the security sector within a society in transition is to get rid of the old ones and train new forces of people who come from the very communities which they will be serving.
First of all, this strategy has been used before in many countries such as Iraq and The Czech Republic. So far, it has turned out pretty well. In Iraq, this process is going on right now. When Saddam Hussein was overthrown, the U.S. military took over. Hussein and the Republican Guard, his personal force of soldiers, were driven out of power. U.S. forces began to train civilians to enforce the law internally. These young men were taught to have pride in the communities they were serving. This new security force is much more dedicated to doing an effective job. Kevin Stabinsky of the American Forces Press Services says, “By getting future police officers from citizens within the community who have proven their dedication to its security, DeFlavis said, he hopes to create a model police force in the area.” This strategy seems to be working fine in Iraq so far. A similar tactic was used in the Czech Republic. After the Velvet Revolution, Vaclav Havel, the president...

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