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Security Sector Reform Contributes To Sustainable Peace

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War and disease are eminent in this world. But is peace possible? In this world of starving children, mutiny, betrayal, crisis, and national debt. In a world so corrupt and hateful that people are murdered in the streets and the elderly have all but lost hope for the coming generation. But, is it the world itself that is corrupt and cruel? Or is it the many governments that try to rule it. Governments that confine the rights of the citizens and allow rapists and terrorists to roam the streets were wary citizens live. The job is up to the police, the security service. In other words, it’s up to the government to change the government. Is it so impossible for the governments to see their problems? If so, who is there to change the rulers of the world for the better? What needs to happen to the governments that and ramped and out of control? The governments need to reform, or rather, a security sector reform needs to occur. To best perform this kind of reform, more than one thing has to happen, but at least five different things, these are: (1) one must know how to best reform a the security sector within societies in transgression,(2) one must look at the sector reform in other countries that are recent and try to find a way to best reform their own security sector, (3) one must be willing to accept the impact of a success reform on sustainable peace and how the absence of such a reform on political change and imperishable peace, (4) people must discuss if a successful transformation of the securities in post-war societies will be different from achieving reform in nations in political transgression,(5) one must identify challenges such a reform would present and the conditions that would allow the reform to be successfully executed.
In order for the best possible outcome of a successful security reform to happen one must know how to best reform security sector within societies in transgression. An example of this would be when Afghanistan had their security reformed. This clearly states that Captain Howk believes that he know the best way to reform the security sector in Afghanistan. Another example of this would be when Liberia reformed tried to reform their security sector. I say try because the needed someone to help them because they couldn’t do it by themselves. This shows that Liberia didn’t know how to reform their Security Sector, so they had to call on other countries to help. So you obviously have to understand how to best reform the security of a country with problems in its police and security sector.
Another key prospect that is need for a successful and well executed reform is one must look at the sector reform in other countries that are recent and try to find a way to best reform their own security sector. Take Liberia for example, they didn’t know how to best have a Security Sector Reform (SSR), so they called on other countries. One of those Countries was the U.S. The U.S. has helped or forced, whichever you prefer, such a...

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