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When big changes come around, there are many alterations that need to be made. There have been many countries and societies that have had to go through a security sector reform. For clarification, when a country has either recently gone through a war, or they have shift in government, they need to go through some changes to keep everything in line. Christian Keller states in her article, “Transition countries need to reform their social sectors to promote the welfare of their citizens and spur economic growth.” (Keller, Christian). During this shift, the people themselves also have to go through a transition; however, this isn’t an easy process to endure. Although this reform can fix a dysfunctional security sectors in countries that are recently coming out of war or a change in government, it takes an immense amount of time to accomplish. To go into further detail, there are different ways to make a security sector reform successful, there are different security reform cases, successful reforms can have a huge impact, there are many differences in successful security changes in post war areas and political changes, and lastly any security sector reform can be altered to make it more successful.
To begin, there are many ways to better reform society with security sectors. First, many people need to realize, big changes aren’t going to happen overnight. Many of these changes won’t even happen through the duration of a year. People need time to adjust and adapt to these specific transitions in order to maintain structure and order. To back up my statement, Jones states in his article, “Achieving these normative goals is a long-term, complex, and political process.” (Jones, Robert Lee). As Jones says, this process is long and complex transition and society can be very stubborn and will resist this change at first, but will eventually learn how to adapt. However, for this reconstruction to be successful, there are many things that need to be included in this transition. First, the people’s needs always come first, however this doesn’t mean that the people will get what they want. For example, a child has a cold and needs to take cough medicine to get better, however he doesn’t want to take the cough medicine and resists at first, but will eventually take it knowing it will eventually make him feel better. This is like society, with society being the child and change being the cough medicine. Although change isn’t a great thing to go through, it will eventually make everything better. Along with what the society needs, a great security reform always needs to go over the sensitive questions of the society in order to fix them. Another important factor that contributes to having a successful reform is to make sure there are set goals, long term as well as short term. By having goals, people have something to look forward to even if the change itself isn’t that easy. There are many things you can do to make a reform successful; these are just a few...

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