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Security Sector Reforms Essay

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In the world, there are many third world countries that have or have had a dictator that needs to be or has been overthrown. Libya was one of those third world countries. Their dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, was killed. When a dictator is overthrown, the security sector usually falls with them. There are many ways to reform the security sector in a country, the best of which, would be through instruction. The procedure of this is quite simple, yet effective. In order to do this, a developed country would send people to start police, or some kind of law-enforcers, a democratic system, and democratic leaders. They would also need to send some of their own law-enforcers to keep an other dictators from rising during this process. While the troops were protecting the citizens, the, ‘instructors’ could teach the police and democratic officers what their duties were and how to fulfill them properly, so that when they left, the country could run smoothly, without interruptions from uprising dictators. Clearly, the best way to conduct a security sector reform would be through instructing the citizens on how to become a democratic governance, or come to some kind of a peace agreement.

Some skeptics may not believe that a security sector reform is possible at all, no matter how you go about it, but they are, of course, incorrect. One example that would contradict these people’s arguments, would be the Fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany. This is an example of a reform from war to peace. When the wall went up, it split Germany into East and West, and anyone who tried to cross the wall to freedom, was shot at by East German guards. But in 1989 the East German Emperor agreed to open checkpoints through the wall, and the Berlin wall was eventually chipped away by celebrating citizens. Another example of a successful security sector reform was the reform in the Gulf Cooperation Council. This reform was a change from war to peace. Clearly, there are ways to conduct a security sector reform that is quite successful.

A successful reform of the security forces can impact the sustained peace in a country quite dramatically. When a security sector is reformed, it can change the lives of every citizen in the country. After the reform is finished, citizens within the country will be much more safe from local gangs, and possibly dictators. The lack of such a reform can alter the prospects for political change and sustainable peace. This is because if there is no reform or change in the security sector, a reigning dictator will have nothing to fear, for the current security sector works for the dictator himself, because if they didn’t, he or she would never have reached power. Clearly, a successful security sector reform, or lack of one, can drastically alter the countries functions.

The successful transformation of the security forces in post-war societies will differ from achieving security reform in societies in political transition quite inordinately from one another....

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