Security, Storage And Transmission Of Electronic Digital Images

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1. 1 Overview

Many digital services require reliable security in storage and transmission of electronic digital images. Due to the rapid growth with the internet in the electronic digital world today, the protection of digital images is becoming more important and enticed much attention. The prevalence of multimedia technology in this society has promoted electronic digital images to play a far more significant role than the traditional texts, which demand significant protection of users' privacy for all those applications. Encryption and steganography techniques of digital images are extremely important and should be used to frustrate opponent problems from unauthorized access (Mitra et ...view middle of the document...

Normally, most of the available encryption algorithms utilized for text data. On the other hand, due to large data size and real-time constrains, algorithms that are beneficial to textual data may not be well suited for multimedia data (Yas Any. Alsultanny, 2008), (Droogenbroech along with Benedett, 2002), (Fong along with Singh, 2002). According to Xun (2001) and Wang (2005), even though triple-data encryption standard (T-DES) along with 1nternational data encryption algorithm (IDEA) can perform high security, they might not be suitable intended for multimedia applications (Xun et ing, 2001), (Wang et ing, 2005). Therefore, encryption algorithms for instance data encryption standard (DES), advanced encryption standard (AES), along with international data encryption criteria (IDEA) were built intended for textual data (Lee et ing, 2003), (Syed, 2002), (Xun et ing, 2001).

Although we will use the traditional encryption algorithms to encrypt images directly, this may not be a good idea for 2 reasons. First, the image size is normally larger than text. Therefore, the traditional encryption algorithms need an extended period to directly encrypt this image data. Second, the decrypted text has to be equal to the original text but this requirement just isn't necessary for image info. According to Chang (2001), due to the characteristic of human belief, a decrypted image containing small distortion is frequently acceptable (Chang et ing, 2001), (Jiri Jan, 2005), (David Salomon, 2005). The intelligible information seen in an image is because the
correlation among the image elements in a given arrangement. According to Mitra (2006), this perceivable information could be reduced by decreasing this correlation among image things using certain transformation techniques (Mitra et al, 2006).

To recognize and support the security services of the organization at its effective level, the manager requires a systematic way. One approach is always to consider three aspects of information security that's Security attack, Security procedure and Security services. Security attack identifies different modes with which intruder tries to get unauthorized information along with the services are intended to counter security attacks, and they make use of one or more security mechanisms to offer the service. There isn't single mechanism that can provide all the services specific.

In addition to cryptography, steganography techniques are receiving significantly more sophisticated and also have been widely used. The steganography techniques are classified as the
perfect supplement for encryption that allows a user to hide considerable amounts of information within an image. Thus, it is often used in conjunction with cryptography so that the data is doubly protected, that's, first it is encrypted, then it is hidden so that an adversary has to discover the hidden information before this decryption takes place (Kisik Chang et ing, 2004), (Kessler, 2001), (Kathryn Hempstalk,...

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